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Birth by reading

consideration d'études...

I awoke

my sun had been born after twenty years of carrying the little creature in my belly.

there it was looking at its own parts fluttering all around us

smiling at me on each face of the surfaces that marked the places our selves met


watch out for whiskey


it will water down your life.



j'ai eu l'envie de m'installer; de m'expliquer.
Bien que les oiseaux se sont contentés de voler en chantant.

i caught a leaf sunbathing today


lying there unabashedly naked in a thick stream of gold;

a parting of the grim grey pavement.

even i who prefer the silver rains of relief

could smile at that happy little leaf

bigger and bolder in its private ray

between the passing shopping bags and

croissant crumbs on the Parisian way.


all my life i had to appear ready



‘pack your things we’re going.

…and you cannot tell anyone when or where;

we don’t want the higher ups

getting the wrong idea.’

so i packed and made ready

and i remember that

when today, the long preparations

become useful as the call comes in a moment

and i am not only as ready as i look but as ready as i can be

by being always in a state of making ready

rest, real food, recreation; duty, decorum, devotion

sometimes my little self


still feels as if the answers, the meaning, the relief is on the internet; in the fridge; under the skin of another and in the smoke of every man made desire.

that is when i go out carefully, slower at each new sortie, to bring back my infinite soul.

And selling my little-ness to the next starving, craving, deaf mute who cannot hold mercy long enough to recognize it,

my large soul just knows the question is, how to not seek relief.

mon corps / my body


c’est tout ce que j’ai pour l’instant

vaux mieux faire beaucoup de petits choses

que de faire beaucoup petit.


is the only thing i have for the moment

better to do a little a lot

than a lot a little.



merci m. le petit oiseau


que ton chant fait de deux notes

me soulage dans mon opéra compliqué.


comme les trous laissez


par les oiseaux déchirées de leurs arbres

les feuilles rouge sanglant frémissent

avec les siffles du vent

ce vent qu’on ne voit jamais 

sauf quand quelque chose

est déranger suite a sa position devant la trajectoire 

du vent